Halloween is coming! Get into the festive spirit and watch this video on the history of the holiday.

Welcome to the school year 2020/2021!
In this blog you will find information about the different activities organized by the English Department.

If you want to improve your English level, you will find plenty of resources to practice every skill (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)
Don’t miss the Cambridge exam corner to test your PET, FIRST OR ADVANCED level.
Are you into Reading? There are some links to read online or download your favorite book or short story.
The most fun of all are the TV channels where you can watch episodes of series, documentaries and short video clips.
We hope you enjoy your learning!!

How about some Shakespearean insults in honor of #DiadelLibro ?

For a full list of insults and a more comprehensive understanding, try out this PDF. Maybe your English teacher will understand the insults!

PDF: shakespeares-insults (1)

Stay at Home!

Everyone in the English department at Vega del Jarama encourages you to continue to stay at home to #stopthespread. We thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. We know the weather is getting better, so it will be even more difficult to #quedateencasa and #flattenthecurve – but here’s a video from our family to yours. You may recognize some familiar faces!

Click “play” to see some of your Vega Favs  – especially if you’re missing your favorite teachers!


Earth Day Turns 50 with a Massive Livestream Event

April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

As the world fights to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control, another crisis looms.

In late 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to cut global carbon emissions almost in half by 2030. This decade will be critical.

As we’ve stated in the past, the time to act is now — we simply cannot continue business as usual, and this proves resoundingly true this year. We are in a time of maximum uncertainty and urgency.

Earth Day Live: April 22-24

Earth Day Live is a three-day livestream and an epic community mobilization to show support for our planet, through which millions of people can tune in online alongside activists, celebrities, musicians, and more. The massive live event — which starts on April 22 and concludes on April 24 — is organized by climate, environmental, and Indigenous groups within the US Climate Strike Coalition and Stop The Money Pipeline Coalition.

Starting today, you can opt into displaying a banner that promotes Earth Day Live on your WordPress.com site, showing your commitment to this critical topic and spreading the word about the digital event and livestream. On April 22, sites with this feature enabled will automatically display a full-screen overlay message. Your site visitors will be able to dismiss the banner once viewed.

Promote this global movement on your site

To activate the banner, go to My Site → Manage → Settings. At the top of the Settings menu, you will see a toggle switch — flip it on to join this digital climate strike.

Self-hosted WordPress sites can also join the movement by installing the Earth Day Live WP plugin from the WordPress.org plugin repository.

After the livestream ends, the banner will disappear on its own — no further action is required on your end. (If you’ve installed the plugin, it will automatically disable.)

Together we can make a difference. We hope you’ll join us in supporting this movement.

Visit Earth Day Live for event details, and explore more digital Earth Day initiatives and resources on WordPress so you can take action on April 22 — or any day.

Valentine’s day fun!

Happy New Year! What is your newnew-year-2020-celebration-gold-foil-balloons-royalty-free-image-1570207201.jpg year’s resolution?

Click the video below to find out more about new year’s resolutions!


Christmas is coming! Be sure to update your Christmas vocabulary with this fun video about Christmas idioms!